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2001 BMW 325XiT Touring

E46, 2.5L I6(M54B25): 192 hp/180 lb-ft
Sport Package(17" wheels, sport seats, steering wheel)

(9/27/2009) Took off the roof rack today, I think I like the look. Also shaved the emblems off the back. Recently replacd the thermostat and water pump. Decided to do the expansion tank and belts too so i'll be back under the hood soon. Also going to replace the fluid in the trans and diffs with Redline D4 ATF and gear oil. Sparkplugs are on the list as well.

Just installed my smoke corners and side markers, and tinted the windows. Llumar High Performance Charcoal (ATR35).


A very clean E46 interior. SPORT SEATS! No motors to fail and better adjustability. Lighter too. Five-speed, I don't see too many stick wagons.

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